sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Dilute + Hella - Live Split (2003)

Disc 1 (Dilute)
4"Balloon Song"

Disc 2 (Hella)
6"Republic Of Rough And Ready" - 3:29
7"Better Grab A Broom!" - 4:02
8"Cafeteria Bananas" - 3:55
9"Biblical Violence" - 3:04
10"City Folk Sitting, Sitting" - 10:00

Live is a double CD by Dilute and Hella with each band contributing a disc. It was released by Sickroom Records in October 2003. (wikipedia)
Música amarradinha de cu fechado. Maricas irão estranhar.
Tight musik, closed ass. Pussies will not enjoy it.

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