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BORIS - Smile (2008)

"Smile is the fourteenth full-length album by Japanese experimental band Boris. It was released through Diwphalanx Records in early 2008 (late 2008 for the live version accordingly), featuring guest musicians Michio Kurihara of Ghost and Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))), both of whom have collaborated with Boris in the past.[1] Shortly after this initial release, the album was released by American label Southern Lord with a slightly different track listing, different artwork (by Stephen O'Malley), and an almost entirely different sound."

1."Messeeji" ("Statement") - 7:06
2."Buzz-In" - 2:34
3."Hanate!" ( "Shoot!" ("Laser Beam" on English version)) - 5:02
4."Hana, Taiyou, Ame" ( "Flower, Sun, Rain"; cover of the song by Pyg) - 5:35
5."Tonari No Sataan" ( "My Neighbor Satan") - 5:20
6."Kare Hateta Saki" ("Dead Destination" ("Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki -No Ones Grieve-" on English version)) - 7:26
7."Kimi wa Kasa o Sashiteita" ("You Were Holding an Umbrella") - 9:19
8."Untitled" (Full Song) - 19:20

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